Together we have made and distributed over 100,000 masks!

Volunteer to Sew

Newly sewn mask on a cutting board.

If you can sew, we need your help. We will provide the pattern and instructions for making masks. We can also provide materials if you need them. If you’d like to help by sewing, please be prepared to sew at least 25 masks as we need to make sure we are using our limited resources efficiently.

If you are looking to help but don't have the skills or resources to sew, you can donate materials, help with non-sewing activities, or donate to our GoFundMe to pay for materials, gas, laundering, etc..

Please do not sign up if you have shown any symptoms at all or have knowingly been exposed to Coronavirus!

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    1. Please provide both your given and family names.

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    4. Please take a look at the patterns before deciding.
    5. How many masks can you make by the due date?
      You can reference the due date for your batch, above.

    6. Are you safe and willing to drop off/pick up from a nearby neighborhood location? (We will make sure to eliminate contact.)

    7. We need this in order to collect the finished masks from you and/or to drop off materials.
    8. Do you need us to provide you with materials?