Together we have made and distributed over 100,000 masks!

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  1. Let's Keep Going

    In light of the shelter-in-place, we want you to know that we are still committed to getting masks made and delivered!

  2. This is what 6,000+ masks look like y'all!

    Our biggest collection of masks to date is going to some amazing organizations.

  3. 14,000 Masks in Just 3 Weeks!!!

    We're delivering 3,000 masks tomorrow! That puts us at 14,000 delivered in only 3 weeks. You're all amazing!!!

  4. Crafters at Seattle Opera

    Seattle Opera shares their space to make more masks possible.

  5. We're Partnering with Splash Fabric to Make Thousands More Masks

    Seattle business Splash Fabrics has committed to donating one mask kit to Crafters Against COVID-19 for every mask they sell.

    A stack of pre-cut fabrics