Together we have made and distributed over 100,000 masks!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are you?
We are a team of 6 women living in the Seattle-area with rich backgrounds in management, clothing construction, and theatre production. Our goal is to put makers in line to have their contributions utilized directly by those who need them. We know this not only fulfills a need, but also gives our crafters a purpose during these challenging times.
How do you choose which organizations get masks?
We choose our receiving organizations based on a criteria designed to ensure all masks will meet demand where they are needed most. We place projects in our queue based on location, need, and specifics of the mask request.
How do you choose which masks to make?
We don’t. Typically the organization knows what type of mask will work best for them better than we do.
How can I decide which mask to make for my family?
There are dozens of mask patterns and tutorials available on the internet. It’s up to you to decide what’s right for you and your people, we cannot make a specific recommendation.
Can I organize something like this in my town?
Absolutely, and please do! We will try our hardest to share our experience with you and what we’ve found works best. Nothing that we’re doing is proprietary. Get out there and start saving lives!

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Do I need to live in Seattle?
You need to live in the Seattle Metro area, encompassing Tacoma to the south, Lynnwood to the north, and Redmond to the east. We cannot currently serve those in the Puget Sound islands.
How do I sign up to sew?
Sign up via the form in the announcements section of our Facebook Group. If the form is unavailable we have filled our pledge goal for the current project, and should have the next project posted within a few days.
What if I can’t sew?
There are other ways to help. You can get involved as a driver, contribute materials you may have already, or donate to our GoFundMe.
How do I sign up for other volunteering opportunities?
Sign up via the form in the announcements section of our Facebook Group. There you will see options for how you’d like to volunteer. If the form is unavailable we have filled our pledge goal for the current project, and should have the next project posted within a few days.
Do you need anything 3D printed?
Currently we do not. We have seen tutorials about masks made from 3D printed frames, but haven’t had any demand from organizations looking for these.

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How are you paying for supplies?
We’ve been thankful to receive numerous generous donations via our GoFundMe and from local fabric stores and costume shops. Still, supplies are expensive and demand for masks is only going up.
How can I donate to the cause?
For monetary contributions check out our GoFundMe. We are also accepting good sized donations of elastic, wire, and tightly woven cotton fabrics. Generally we are looking for material donations large enough to make at least 50 masks (that’s roughly 25 yards of elastic, 7 yards of fabric, or 6’ of wire). If you have materials in at least these quantities please contact
Do you want my sewing machine?
We love that so many of you are thinking of every option available to contribute! Unfortunately, we don’t currently have the space or bandwidth to handle sewing machine donations.

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What if I’m out of elastic?
You can substitute elastic with ties on your masks. These ties will have to go behind the head, rather than behind the ears, so keep in mind you may need a lot more length. The best practice is to try one first and check the fit on yourself or your quarantine buddy. Ties can be made from shoelaces, ribbon, twill tape, or bias tape. If you don’t have any of those, try making your own with this video.
What do I use if I don’t have wire?
Pipe cleaners, jewelry wire, a thin paper clip. Some masks call for wire because the need to be formed to sit snugly against the bridge of the wearer’s nose. If the material is bendable and formable, it should work.
Can I use other material to make my masks?
We know there is a lot of information out there, much of it speculative, about how to add filtration to masks. While we appreciate the diligence to serving our frontline workers, the prescribed mask materials have specifically been dictated by the organizations using them, and we can’t currently accept any masks made from materials other than those listed.
Tight woven cotton? Does that mean I can use sheets/pillowcases?
High thread count woven sheets and pillowcases do qualify, but only if they are unused. Right now none of our organizations are accepting masks made from recycled materials.
Should I pre-wash my fabric?
Yes! Cottons typically shrink significantly in the wash, and sometimes have chemicals or finishers from the manufacturer. For these reasons we ask that you please prewash your fabrics on hot.

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Where can I see a tutorial on making your current mask?
Check out the announcements section of our Facebook group. There you will find a video tutorial, a live questions thread, and other useful information for your project.
Will you teach me how to sew?
Timeliness is a very important factor in this situation, and we unfortunately cannot teach anyone how to sew for our mask projects. If you cannot sew and still want to help out, consider being a Neighborhood Captain, a driver, or just sharing our posts on your social media.
How can I get the pattern for the current project?
Please look in the announcements section of our Facebook group for a PDF of our current pattern and instructions.
How accurate are your patterns?
We are working from patterns chosen by the organizations accepting the masks. Before we share them with the sewists, we make a sample, check the pattern, alter language as needed, and make a tutorial video. Between the six people in our core team we have over 100 years of sewing experience. We have professionally sewn, run numerous costume shops, and have advanced degrees in fashion or costuming.
What if I think I find a pattern mistake?
Even with a collective century of sewing and pattern making experience, we are still human and still make mistakes. If you think you’ve found a mistake in our pattern, please email us directly so we can take a look.

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How can I get supplies?
Sign up via the form in the announcements section of our Facebook Group. If the form is unavailable we have filled our pledge goal for the current project, and should have the next project posted within a few days. On the form select to indicate that you need supplies. We will deliver supplies in a kit, typically within two days (watch for announcements for exact timing). When the kit has been delivered to your porch we will text you to let you know. If you are in a building with secure entrance we may ask you to meet us outside.
How are completed masks collected?
Towards the collection date you will receive an email from your Neighborhood Captain with exact collection details. From there you have two options. Typically you will drop your masks into a collection bin, either in a nearby parking lot, or on a porch. During your drop off please remain at least 6’ away from anyone, and don’t touch the bin, door, or anything else unnecessary. You can also elect to have your masks picked up directly from your porch. If you are immunocompromised we ask that you please choose porch pickup. From there we will pick up from 23 different neighborhood drops throughout the Seattle-area, and take them all to their final home organization.
What is a Neighborhood Captain?
Neighborhood Captains are people who have volunteered to be responsible for distribution of kits, and pickups of finished masks. We have several protocols that make it possible to be a Neighborhood Captain without coming into direct contact with materials or fellow volunteers; still, we ask that no immunocompromised individuals sign up for this position.