Together we have made and distributed over 100,000 masks!

Let’s make some masks!

Handmade masks.

Now is the time to get into action to and support our community! If you have a sewing machine and some basic skills you can help in a big way! We are creating masks for medical centers, hospice organizations, homelessness workers, and other organizations in the Seattle-area.

Does your organization need help?

Please let us know what you need by emailing us.

Do you want to help out?

We have many ways for you to participate directly or you can donate cash via our GoFundMe.

Together we'll save thousands of lives!


  1. We're Partnering with Splash Fabric to Make Thousands More Masks

    Seattle business Splash Fabrics has committed to donating one mask kit to Crafters Against COVID-19 for every mask they sell.

    A stack of pre-cut fabrics

  2. Washington State Midwives say "Thank You"

    Midwives in donated masks

    Thank yous from just a few recipients of the 28,000 masks delivered so far.


  3. Seattle PI: Ordinary Seattleites doing extraordinary things to combat COVID-19 effects

    From costume makers creating face masks to moms delivering groceries in their mini vans, Seattleites are getting creative in combating the virus's effects on the community.

  4. Thank You from Ellenos

    "Thank you again Crafters Against COVID-19 Seattle! I went to our yogurt manufacturing plant yesterday to pick up my mask so that I could deliver our yogurt donation to Chef Tarik's#feedthepeople community feeding program! It was great to see our employees abiding by our mask rules. We hope that our donation will be able to make more masks to benefit many more!!"

    Ellenos employees feeding the community in donated masks!

  5. GeekWire: Face it, these mask-making efforts during the COVID-19 crisis reveal who we really are

    Thank you GeekWire for recognizing our amazing crafters!

  6. Thank You from Harborview

  7. Delivery to Harborview

    Harborview nurse with masks